We are dedicated to assisting young adults transitioning toward independence through the foster care system.

Providing life skills, job training, therapy, and a foundation to build a successful future upon.

Mission Statement

“Unring The Bell” is a mission started by those who want to make a difference in the lives of young adults in the foster care system who will be facing challenges of transitioning toward independent living. The passion is to help create a safe, loving, and caring environment for them and allow us to teach life skills necessary for a bright future. The dream is to lead as many young adults on the path to success as possible and give them a chance to change society for the better. The goal is to utilize music, the Internet, and all modern tools available to make us, as a community, part of the solution, instead of just asking “what is the problem”. We are going to “Unring The Bell” for these young adults and give them their voices back.


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By utilizing the power of the Internet and online streaming broadcasting, we will be hosting weekly podcast shows, incorporating everyone’s love of music, testimonials to bring others inspiration, and interviews with the people who have committed to working in and with the foster care system.

We hope to increase the public’s awareness of the needs of children/young adults in the foster care system. By increasing the awareness of the foster care system, we will strive to not only further educate the public, but also strive to involve the public to be a part of the solution of helping children/young adults in the system.

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We will strive to increase the number of individuals and families willing to become independent living providers and foster parents for any child or youth in need of a safe and nurturing home. We also hope to increase the number of individuals and families willing to adopt. We hope to bring to light that older children/young adults just need a chance to show who they are and have a chance to be the future. We hope to change the negative view of fostering and adopting older children/young adults.

We target the creation of supportive living residences within the community for young adults to live in where they are provided with the necessary basic tools required to create and work toward a successful future.

We want to provide education services as well as mentorship of basic life skills so these young adults can become self-sufficient, confident, and motivated to take their next steps in life and become active and successful members of society with the hope that one day they will make an impact on the world.

We envision creating multiple supportive living residences based on the needs at the time to be able to offer to young adults to further offer the chance at a successful future.

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